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the simple facts

I am far too busy to update the clique like I used to. Although I wish I could keep this clique, I know that I will continue to neglect it and allow the potential member forms to stack up. So, in order to do more good than harm, I would like to pass on the clique to someone who has the time and patience to devote to it.

I am as of now accepting applications from anyone who would like to submit one. I will allow anyone to ask to take on the task of handling this site, but I will be fairly choosy when deciding who to actually give it to. Please follow these guidelines when sending me a letter, okay? ^_^

- Tell me about your prior experiences with HTML and Websites. What's your level of experience? (...frames, CGI, CSS, Javascript, etc) How many years have you been working with the code?
- Point me toward samples of your work. Any type of website will work, so long as it's either one you made and operate yourself, or one you made for someone else (if the latter, provide me with proof of your making the site - a letter from the webmaster currently running it would suffice). If someone made your site for you and you're just running it (in other words, you don't know a bit of HTML), this is no good. Please be honest don't apply. (see why you can't below.)
- If you plan on designing graphics for the clique by hand (hand- or computer-drawn main images for layouts), directing me to some of your sample work wouldn't hurt. Two examples will do just fine; more would be ignored, but won't harm your image when I look over your application ^^;;;

what I'm looking for

...Someone who can make this site look good. Design needn't be flashy, but applicants must be well capable of making visually-appealing, easily-browsable websites. Artistic talents are a PLUS. But even if you can't draw at all, at least be able to make a nice layout with resources you have available (artbook scans, images form the web, etc.). HTML experience can range from 'pretty good' to 'excellent', but at least be able to work with frames or tables. I don't care too much about your personal workload: If you're applying, I assume you can spare time to give this site attention ^_^ so I'm not looking for someone with the "most free schedule". Also, don't write me a novel as an application. Make it short and sweet. Here's an example, but don't use this same format and change a few words then submit it :P >D

My name is Sana and I am 16 years old. I have been making websites since I was 14, and I've recently learned how to use Javascript to add little things to an "it needs something" website ^_^ I don't know too much about CGI, but I can use Freedback services easily with their cut-and-paste setup.
I have three other websites. [URLs go...]
[and here]
I also like to draw. Here is a picture I finished a week ago: [url here]
I really like your site and I hope you like my work! I'd be happy to run such a neat clique!! [insert random ass-kissing here - it won't hurt, and it will humor me greatly XD]

Sana (

So, as you can see, it doesn't have to be long. The shorter, the better, actually. Length usually makes me start taking note of grammatical errors and makes me sleepy/irritable j/k Just don't ramble as much as I have on this page.

End User Contract

okay, so I had to stick this somewhere. it's not a contract, just things about passing on the site that you must know.

As NASA would say, "Good luck, and GodSpeed."

-+>Cynthia Hall