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..Be Nice to the Pretty Boys..


(revised: 02.07.02)

1. You must have a webpage! This *should* be obvious, but I keep getting submissions from people with no sites. -_- (blogs, etc are accepted as well)

2. No sTiCkY cApS or anything else that might make your site too annoying(busy backgrounds, midis you can't turn off, etc.).

3. You are allowed to have yaoi or hentai(please not as your main attraction though) on your site... just make sure that there are plenty of warnings!

4. A code must be placed on your site before or immediately after submitting. If I don't see the code when I check, I'll delete your submission. Make sure you give me the correct URL (page where the code is placed), too. (So put those codes up ASAP before you forget!)

5. Bishounen can be claimed by more than one person. The way I see it, the more fans who support one certain character, the better the world will be. ^_^ Just try not to pick one that has been taken by a lot of other people so other deserving bishounen can be defended! =D

6. You can defend more than one bishounen or one who's not anime/RPG related by selecting the generic code, or listing them freely in another code of your choice. I will now allow you to put a real person's name in your code for your site, but I won't list their name/group/etc on the member's not that type of clique. This is to discourage boy-band teeny-boppers from taking over this clique. Also, when you submit, if you're defending multiple bishounen, please only give me the name of one bishounen to list on the members page. If you list more than one, I'll post the first name given.

Well, that's it. Simple enough. ne? I won't really check all the sites to see if your codes are still up (since the clique has grown so much!!). So, if you change your URL or wish to be removed form the clique, email me with your notice of clique changes.