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..Be Nice to the Pretty Boys..


You can alter these codes however you want to better fit your page (you might wanna make your own code, or link to a pic of your prize bish). Remember to fill in the name of your anime bishounen if you take the first or second code. =D Also, only defend *one* bish per website (read: If you want to defend multiple bishounen, then take the third code). Also, if you have multiple sites, you *can* come back and register for each of them. ^^ This is another way to defend more than one bish. Well, pick your fave code and put it on your site. By the way, have you read the rules yet?

.: be nice to ____ or else! :.

-=[bish-bashers BEWARE :: _____ is on the loose]=-

~*I'm nice to the pretty boys...are you?*~